TRIP Database 2.0

a manually curated database of protein-protein interactions for mammalian TRP channels

Transient receptor potential (TRP) channels are a family of Ca2+-permeable cation channels. In response to a wide range of cellular stimuli, they produce electrochemical signals via membrane potential or intracellular [Ca2+]. Toggle more info

The current version of the TRIP Database documents

  • PPI pairs: 706
  • TRP channels: 28
  • Cellular proteins: 436
  • Curated articles: 431
The TRIP Database provides comprehensive information on PPIs of mammalian TRP channels with 4 categories. Toggle more info

Major updates in the TRIP Database 2.0:

  1. The database contents have updated by manually curating the new publications: 56% increase in the number of indexed articles (431 from 277 peer-reviewed publications), 44% increase in the number of PPI pairs (706 from 490 PPI pairs), and 47% increase in the number of cellular proteins (436 from 297 proteins). In addition, the supplementary data of all referred articles are also scrutinized and curated.
  2. The database contents can be downloaded as a MS Excel format or a sif format for network visualization and analysis using "Cytoscape (".
  3. Users can make comments on each web page, which enables interactive communication.
  4. Users can print each page content of the database.
  5. The search system presents information from "Pubmed (" and "PIE the search (" which is the specialized search engine for PPI-related articles as well as information shown in previous version.
  6. Users easily grasp overall PPI information through PPI matrix table according to TRP channel subfamily.
  7. Accessibility to relevant information has been improved various ways: mouse-over pop-up help messages and integration of new information sources, including GO (Gene Ontology) terms and disease information from OMIM (Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man).

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  10. Wikipedia: Transient receptor potential channel-interacting protein databaseExternal

Special thanks

We cordially thank many members of the Korean Physiology Society and the Korean Society for Ion Channel Research for helpful discussions and comments on database contents and user-interfaces.

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