Tutorial 1. Main Page of the TRIP Database

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This page provides a brief overview on the TRIP Database.

  1. The TRIP Database logo is linked to this "HOME" page of our website.
  2. The five tabs on the upper-right corner are linked to each function as followings:
    • Home: a link to the main page; same function as the TRIP Database logo
    • Statistics: TRP channel PPI-related statistics of the TRIP Database
    • Interaction map: a visualization tool for TPP channel PPIs
    • Download: As an Excel format or a SIF format (a supported file format for Cytoscape)
    • Tutorial: a specific guideline as on how to explore through the TRIP Database
    • About us: TRIP Database staffs
  3. Above the five tabs, a search box is placed for your convenience (see Tutorial 5). You can search proteins or articles by keywords, such as protein names or UniprotKB IDs. If you enter two or more keywords together, you can find proteins, PPIs, and/or articles that contain all the keywords.
  4. You can leave comments on this page or see the all users' written comments. You also can print this page
  5. This bold lettered link shows a page for each subfamily of TRP channels. Click on the subfamily of TRP channels and you will see overall information on each subfamily. Under the subfamily of TRP channels, the corresponding subtypes of the channels are indicated.
  6. Click on the subtype of TRP channels and you will see all the proteins which interact with the specified channel (see Tutorial 3).